Stanley No.8 Brace...
Cost me a dollar bill this morning...
Thumbscrew ( still with cosmoline on the threads)is marked as a Stanley Rule & Level  Co.  No.8

On the other side of that thumbscrew is a ORD DEPT USA....Ordinance Department United States Army...

That 2" wide chisel turned out to be sold as a Blue Grass  brand. 

Irwin #6 bit. the other 2 as a 1/2" and a 5/16" metal bit...

Was a decent morning...Stanley No.8 brace?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Cool haul. It's pretty rare to find that vintage a hand brace that's likely seen no use.

Slight correction: ORD stands for Ordnance. Ordinance is a law.

Ordnance definition: a branch of the armed forces dealing with the supply and storage of weapons, ammunition, and related equipment. The Ordnance Department procured all the Army's tools back in the day. Ordnance can also mean mounted guns or artillery. Today, it encompasses all weapons and munitions. The Ordnance Corps is responsible for weapons storage and maintenance, as well as maintenance of most Army equipment, whether it be guns, weapons, vehicles, tanks, or electronics related to weapon systems. I'm a retired Ordnance Officer.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
Never knew Stanley made Spofford braces; I more commonly see J.S. Fray associated with the style. Certainly, Fray seems to have been the original maker of this style, built on Spofford's patent.  But, ah: "Stanley Works acquired John S. Fray & Co. shortly after 1900 and continued to manufacture Spofford chuck braces until 1942."  Found here.
Nice! Bring these back to life for another generation to use/enjoy!
Some of the rest of the goodies..
$2 for the Columbian vise....Chisel is a 2" W I D E  Blue Grass Brand ($0.75)   Irwin #6 bit, the other 2 are from Morse..1/2" and 5/16"..( all 3 together..$0.50)

Bevel square?   Needs a wee bit of work....might switch out the pitted blade and stripped threaded bolt with one of them plastic handled versions?( $0.50)
"Marking Knife" needed it's bent tip straightened out ($0.75)

And an un-opened pack of sandpaper..
Cost me $0.25

Not too bad, for a Friday?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
These Spofford braces are really a pleasure to use -- nice find! I have one like it, but a Fray version -- all metal, no wood handle, etc. I knew Stanley made some of the wood & pewter versions of the Fray brace, but didn't realize they made their own all-metal versions as well.

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