Chisels for sale
I don't think your prices were out of line. If I were in the market, which I am not, I would not buy without seeing the back of the chisels. Non-original handles on the 750's are a deal breaker for some, not for others. They don't matter to me, but some collectors want original.

Sometimes people don't like to buy a set of 3, if they have 2 of the 3 already in their collection. Of course, pricing individually is more hassle (with shipping) for you.

Gas is really high, and will go higher. The slowing economy may also be a factor.

It also seems to me that the number of people posting on WN is getting smaller. I don't know why, just a feeling.

Maybe SMC (shudder) might work better for you, if you can stomach the attitude from the owner over there, and pony up the $6.

Ebay has fees and other drawbacks, but you will reach a larger audience.

I like to buy things from here, I am just not in the market for chisels, as I have too many already.
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Can’t say why your chisels aren’t selling. 

Typical reasons are :

The price is too high .    Or too low. Yes, really. 

You’re not advertising to the right audience. 

There’s just not a market for what you’re selling.   Unlikely in this case.  

If collectible, you’ve altered/repaired/ cleaned the item decreasing the value. Or, your collection is incomplete , or too big.

Martin mentioned some of these already.  I’ve found #1 & 2 to be the most frequent reasons something doesn’t sell.  One being the most prevalent.
It's also a weekend. Your potential buyer might not have seen it yet.

Also potentially some confusion. I know I looked at the wide chisel. You mention a 2" wide one but then the photo shows two chisels.


One set of firmers, 3/4" 5" blade faint marker ? 1/2" witherby, 5"blade, !/2 PS&W 5 in blade, 3/8" PS&W 5 " blade, Hopefully the back pic shows up. $75

Great set of chisels!

This another set of Firmers,3/4" 4" blade, Atco Tool works,5/8" with 3"blade, Witherby,1/2" 5"blade PS&W,
3/8" $inch blade Lakeside. Backs finished to 320 grit,$60

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I think your prices are very reasonable given the work. I’m surprised they’re not moving faster. You might put them back on the shelf and wait until fall.

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Since you asked:

Changing your original "Chisels for sale" post to
Quote:Nothing is for sale for the 750's
does not inspire confidence in a seller.

It is likely your photography, but several of the chisels in the various offerings definitely do not look like they are squared off all the way across the chisel: either they look like they have round corners or the end looks like it is not 90* to the blade. As an example, see the front and the back of the "Witherby,1/2" 5"blade PS&W" in the "Firmer chisel set" post.

Also likely your photography but some of the backs look like the last 32nd or so is rolled up. As an example, see the back of the "Atco Tool works,5/8" with 3"blade" in the "Firmer chisel set" post.

That ruled mat is good for showing sizes, but parallax is not your friend if either the chisel or the camera is not aligned with the grid.

As pointed out above, some of us have been acquiring chisels here (as well as from LV and Highland) since about the time that we joined WN. So we have really slowed down when it comes to adding more chisels to the till. As a turner, replacement handles that do not match the original handle design may or may not be a plus for me. If the replacement handle does not fit my hand, it is just another thing that needs to be replaced before the chisel earns a spot in my user till. For those new to woodworking or just coming back to it, any handle is better than none. So, it all comes down to finding the right buyer. With it being the end of the school year in many areas, parents are often busy with their kid's graduation and with heading out on family vacations. So tool sales slow down for a while.
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If I was you, I would list them on ebay. Yea, it sucks because ebay takes a huge bite out of the selling price, but it's a good way to get rid of stuff like this.
Most people on this forum have been here a long time, and they have all the chisels they need.
$20 for a vintage chisel is not cheap, IMO. Maybe others disagree. I'm not saying it's unfair, but it's not a price that someone will jump at the deal and buy it immediately (considering this is an older crowd that probably already has all the chisels they need and would only buy something if it's a clear upgrade).
You mention the "cost of your time".. well, I am not saying this to be a jerk, but when someone buys a used item, he doesn't care if it took you zero time or
10000 hours to get it into that condition. All he cares about is the condition its in when he buys it.

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