A "Before & After"
Saturday morning, West Liberty Yard Sales, Day 2......spent $3
Chisel is a 3/4" wide Craftsman....the block plane?
Lever cap iron suggests this was by Sargent.....just a tad on the rusty, krusty side...we have ways...
Sole was fairly good, for a block plane, once the rust was removed( rode on the beltsander for a few minutes)

Removed the rest of the rust and crud...
Lever cap iron has 306, 307 stamped to it's underside,  Iron has DUNLAP  APPROVED  BL  619.3701...but, stamped into the base, right behind the ramp to the mouth opening

Knob was oiled up, the 2 bolts were cleaned up,  depth adjuster was removed, cleaned up and oiled up.   All the missing black colour was replaced.   Iron is a work-in-progress....had a line of pits to remove....and a new bevel ground....
Top view.  Base is 7-1/8" long....
Not too bad?  Better than it was, at the least.

Made by Sargent, sold at the local Sears & Roebuck store, back in the day.
Need to work on the iron a bit more, before any shavings can be made....

Will work on the chisel, as well....it's bevel is really BAD..

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Nice work on the block plane.

That chisel looks like one of a set I bought when I first started woodworking.  They do the job but they aren't fine chisels.

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