The most beautiful vase I have ever made
Probably one of the most beautiful pieces I have made. 9 by 3.5in vase made from a Blue berry bush root and Alumilite clear slow resin. Finished with Acks wood paste and General Finishes Wood Bowl Finish
Now that makes me want to take up turning. Beautiful, well done.
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(06-01-2022, 06:38 AM)Redman Wrote: Now that makes me want to take up turning. Beautiful, well done.

That's not a vase, that's a Vaaazzz !
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What is the difference in a "Vaze" and a "vase?"

About 300 hunnert bucks.

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(07-25-2022, 06:14 PM)Gregor1 Wrote: That's not a vase, that's a Vaaazzz !

I think that's a compliment, Thanks?
You did a swell job for sure.

A few questions for you.

How much resin did you use and how much does it cost nowadays?

We tried it once with the little I had and it was just ok nothing very good but the vet liked it and taken it home.
I would like to do more but it cost to much $$$$$$$
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