Baldor motor overheating
Haven't had too much time in the shop. I only discovered that someone got in there before me and damaged the rotating part of the centrifugal switch. I haven't been able to determine the replacement part number yet. I still have to clean off the grease, and I forgot to bring a puller with me so the rotor is still not out. 

Today I played around in some dirty old grease on a Yale forklift. Almost up to my armpits! I told the owner that whoever fed the pair of hydraulic lines for the side shift over, under, and around the various pulleys and obstacles didn't look at the menu very carefully. After I put a new alternator in last week I did a dry run on all the functions. About 2" lower than max. lift, those lines pinched. I got them routed correctly today, bled the lines, and went to max lift many times to ensure they weren't rubbing on anything. I put away the tools, then when I parked it, I moved the side shift back to center the forks and one of the lines burst where it had been pinched.  They're 16' long with several pulleys, retainers and clamps. (And did I mention grease?) It'd take an hour just to get them out. Then I'd still be covered in grease. Nothing that I care to deal with on a Friday afternoon!

I actually enjoy my work. It's different almost every day. Very different. I hate paperwork, but this week I spent 1-1/2 days in the office consulting, ordering, and applying for permits. It was a nice change of pace, and in between, I finally sent out a bunch of smaller invoices totaling about $8000. My wife liked that part. She was the one that added them all up!
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Won't the rotor come out with the other end bell ? Do you have to remove the rotor ? But you found the issue.   When/ if you get it out look if the rotor was rubbing on the stator from bad bearings, if so you have a boat anchor.   If dirt and grease and oil would kill you I would have been dead many years ago.   Roly
The motor is still on the saw and there's not enough clearance to get it out that way. But thanks for the reminder! I just put a post-it on my office door. The pulley has to come off at some point anyway. which reminds me;
I'm looking for a 3" O.D. three belt pulley sheave with separate hub for 1-1/4" shaft. Not to be confused (like I did) with a 3-V pulley; I'm using "A" or 4L belts (1/2"wide). The bore on the existing sheave is worn from being used while loose. The shaft is acceptable but I think the clamping hub will be a lot better than a set-screw. 

I'll be removing the hydraulic hoses on Monday. Oh joy. Then I'm headed to the lake to install a mini-split. Mechanic, Carpenter, Electrician and H.V.A.C. Tech all in the same day.
Sign at N.E. Vocational School Cabinetmaking Shop 1976, "Free knowledge given daily... Bring your own container"

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