Timing on new bandsaw purchase
(06-15-2022, 08:38 PM)Admiral Wrote: well, there is talk recently about lowering the trump tariffs; if this happens, you'll see lower prices as most of this stuff is made in china.  that being said, if Laguna is made in taiwan it might not be an issue.  but I'd look into it.

Wouldn't hold your breath on that.   If it were a slam dunk , it'd have been done by now. Like the pipeline shutdown.

Even if it does come about, the impact will take awhile to trickle down to the price you see.  Long enough that it'll likely be the same price anyway because of other cost increases in the interim.   And, your dollar will be worth even less at that time, so ya might as well buy it now and enjoy using it.
I personally do not think you will see a significant price decrease or a sale. I like the real estate terminology better as there will be a deceleration in pricing.  The only worry you may have is if there is a new model coming out for the same price.  Then you may kick yourself for having the old model when for the same amount, you could have had the new model.  

As for the brake, I still do not see the need for one.  I have a 20" Italian saw that was branded as Tannewitz.  It has the sold steel disk type wheels top and bottom so there is a lot of coast down time.  The saw has the brake on the bottom wheel and I never use it.  So what if it takes a few minutes to wind down once you walk away from the saw.
Almost in same boat as the OP but am leaning towards used as this is hobby & I have know immediate need for one. I've seen a few "good" deals on em. I just saw a brand new never used Jet 14" for 900.00
about 400 cheaper than the HD price but not sure about warranty & is 400 worth giving up any manufacture support ? I'm probably gonna end up with a an older saw hopefully for around 400-500 bucks.
I agree with advice if you don't need it keep looking & don't expect prices to come down on new.
On the hand if you have the disposal income & want a new band saw than buy it ! Life's too short & the joy it will bring you is impossible to put a price on.
You won't be necessarily giving up manufacturer's support. The jet CS may still answer questions and offer advice. But the warrant will be gone, and to me that wouldn't be a big deal. But then I don't worry too much about warranties, to some guys it's very important.
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