Aw shoot moment
We purchased a new ceiling fan for my Wife's work from Home Office.  I finally got around to installing it on Sat.  Wasn't an easy install, but I got it done, but it was late and the instructions said to not use any "light controller (dimmer) on the circuit since it had a remote control for both fan and light.  Anyways I had a "dimmer" so I changed it back to a on/off switch.  I didn't put it into the box since it was late and kind of dark.  Next Morning I started to fasten the switch to the box, I used just a traditional screwdriver and it was turning hard, and all of a sudden I heard "snap", the screw twisted off.  They were a cheap "hardened screw" like a sheetrock screw.  It broke off with about a 1/16" sticking out of the electrical box.  It was a plastic box so I wouldn't have been able to get to the backside of the screw.

I got a "thin nosed"vice grips and clamped it on, but it twisted as I turned it.  I got a more traditional vice grips, locked it on and carefully turned the screw out.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet!  If that failed I don't know what I would have done.  Maybe replace the box, but it had two circuits.

BTW, the new screw went in no problem.

Glad I got it fixed without a bunch of work.  Just wanted to share my potential problem

All is well
I bet it was a Menards screw.
Those screws that come with the switches and receptacles are junk. It seems the biggest difference between a $1.00 switch and a $4.00 switch is the quality of the screw.
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Interesting story:

Renovating an older house in which clowns painted over the outlets requiring me to replace them.
These old receptacles were made in the USA and could be disassembled and rebuilt with replacement parts.
Really nice quality.
Nothing like the junk coming out of china and mexico.

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