What do you use for wiping on oil poly?
Socks.   I buy the girl bootie socks for cheap at the 99 cent store.  I use the girl socks because the material is relatively thin and lint free.  I put on a pair of nitrile gloves and then slip the sock over my hand.  I dip my finger tip into a small dish with Arm R Seal and use my finger tips to wipe on the finish.  For a larger area I use more of my hand.  I use this method exclusively for almost all of my finishes (water based dye, arm r seal, glaze, shellac, etc.)  I have found this method to be superior to anything else I have tried. It is easy to transition from narrow edges to inside corners to large surface areas.  The trick is not to saturate the sock too much so you are not left with puddles or runs.
i use a staining pad, and i keep it in a covered paint can with mineral spirits.  wring it out, use it over and over.  works great.

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