Is festool MFT worth it?
I'm a big Festool head. Got the track saw, several tracks, vacuum. 
I owned two MFT tables (one with track, one plain)
I sold them and don't miss them. 

In one sentence: they're too expensive for what you get. Yes: there will be pockets of perfect matched customers [I thought I was one] but these folks are few and far between. Doug's example above underlines this elegantly. There's just too many awesome tools out there [hello high end FEIN Multimaster] that you could get instead of a MFT table that's easily replaced by nice saw horses. I bought 8 high end Dewalt saw horses with adjustable legs [wow--use these TONS] for $30ish dollars each that do WAY MORE than my two MFT's. 

I bought two MFT's thinking of this was a table saw replacement. I've got a panel saw and with the Festool track saw this seemed like it could work for me [particularly then my shop was aimed at being more mobile]. WRONG. In practice, it's just too fussy. Too many little things to be on top of and keep aligned. And then somehow some water dropped on the MFT and then the particle board raised up there. Sandable but still annoyingly fragile. I've now committed to a more non-mobile shop and I'm currently shopping for a table saw [and no: continuing my trend of going against the grain, I'm not doing a Sawstop: paying premium to put a muzzle on one shark makes no sense when you swim in a pool with 10 sharks]. 

In summary, unless you're a particular snowflake [and you'll know this if you are] I'd skip Festool MFT tables. 


Festool is king but they make duds too [hello Kapex, and their drills, and their oscillating tool]. No one tool company gets it right all the time. They've all got to make money too.
(08-21-2022, 07:01 AM)Murray M Wrote: ---------

Festool is king but they make duds too [hello Kapex, and their drills, and their oscillating tool]. No one tool company gets it right all the time. They've all got to make money too.

Yes, the mft tables isn't worth its price. The mft table would work only if one is prepared to spend tons of money on third party accessories. But why? Just get a decent tablesaw, such as the sawstop.

About the kapex. Like many others, you relied on what you saw on forums to decide it was a dude. I spoke to several festool dealers and none of them had the kind of motor repairs the forums made it to be. They were aware of the fsetool forum discussions but like any machines, their kapex repairs were not unusually high.

I bought my mft used for less than half retail. I would not buy it if I had to pay retail.

I also got a bunch of accessories with it. I think my best Festool purchases were the Domino, the track saw and the router table.
(07-12-2022, 04:27 PM)cpolubin Wrote: I once read a theory that all tools cost the same. You either pay that amount once for a tool that lasts or pay smaller amounts repeatedly replacing a tool that doesn't. They both end up costing the same.


Well there is also a "law of diminishing returns."   There are a number of manufacturers whose price is 2-3x the competitors.   While they may be marginally better is that extra few percent worth double or triple the price?  At my age (71), I also have to ask myself that as a hobbyist, what is the return on my investment -- how much will that specific thing cost me over the the number of times I'll be able to use it?  Is a $5-10 per joint cost worth it when I have other alternatives (that might be as good but take a little longer)?
I’ve often thought about a shop without a table saw and the mft is a big part of accomplishing that. However, a good, properly adjusted radial arm saw does everything a mft does, at (probably) less cost. It would probably need refurbishing, but it’s a hell of a machine. If you are going to have a radial arm saw, you might as well have a table saw and be able to do all the joinery cuts that a table saw affords as well.

I have decided that I will always have a table saw.

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