Krenov Style Apron Planes Batch III
(07-09-2023, 08:16 PM)Dave in Denver Wrote: Any updates on this?  Been over a year since I sent in payment. Fine to keep waiting if it’s going to happen, just want to make sure it didn’t get forgotten!

Dave in Denver

The wood for batch 3 planes had issues with hairline cracks, that being the case I ordered more stock in however it wasn't dried. Some stock is nearly dry & some ready to go however my time to make these planes has been greatly limited do to day job. I hope to have more free time come Fall but I am giving refunds for those that prefer. Refunds will be given within 30 days of refund request.

Sorry for the delay.

I am selling the radiused bottom coopering plane shown above for $300. It is the one pictured, not a plane that will need to be made. This plane is new, never used. If you prefer you can use your payment towards this plane and pay balance when it arrives to you.
Thanks for the update.

Working with wood can always be challenging. I appreciate that you caught the cracks in the material that you had on hand. I appreciate even more your integrity in replacing the cracked stock rather than trying some sort of infusion repair for the cracked stock.

Count me among those willing to wait for your planes.

I also understand about work getting in the way of life.
Sigh I would suggest letting us know that you are alive and well every month or 2 just to keep us from worrying about your wellness.

"the most important safety feature on any tool is the one between your ears." - Ken Vick

A wish for you all:  May you keep buying green bananas.
I’m also fine to wait. Thanks for the update!

Dave in Denver

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