Who remembers, Stabilax
It seems like it was in the 1990s somebody marketed a gadget called the
"Stabilax skew jig". It had a glowing review in 1 of the woodworking magazines of the era, maybe "American Woodworker". It was supposed to quickly turn a beginner skew chisel user into an expert. It looked like something that could be easily made although I never had the opportunity to examine one closely.

Using saved searches, I've monitor eBay for 1 now for several years. I've only seen one listed. It was/is bundled with a Wolverine skew grinding attachment and a consumer grade skew chisel. Over the past year that auction has completed without selling, and has been relisted on and off, multiple times. One should be able to find that auction by searching eBay for "Stabilax skew jig"

Although I eventually learned to use the skew satisfactorily, I've always been curious about that gadget. If anybody has any experience with one, I'd like to hear about it.
I don't want to brag, but some of my wood is on its 2nd or 3rd project!
Stabilax was made by Beech Street Toolworks in Los Angeles. I couldn't find that they are still in business.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
Never heard of it but yep it was American Woodworker

Ernie Conover devoted one page in old “The Lathe Book,” and listed source of supply near the end of the book.  I tried to order one from Highland Hardware, but cancelled my order after a month not getting a Stabliax.
The cost was $25 plus shipping. Not sure if Ernie listed information in later editions of that book.  Can find a copy of 2nd edition of the book online free.
There is a 3rd edition of The Lathe Book updated again in 2020 if interested.

In any event Stabliax inventor/manufacturer died many years ago.
I appreciate the research, guys. I remembered the article was by a notable woodturner, I'm reminded now it was Ernie Conover. I'm still fascinated by that thing. The auction ended again unsold, yesterday. I bet it will be relisted soon. I can't bring myself to buy it, though. I've got too many woodworking gadgets collecting dust already. I'm 95% certain I could make a serviceable one from the photographs. Unfortunately, in addition to having to many gadgets, I've got too many other projects wanting to be made!
I don't want to brag, but some of my wood is on its 2nd or 3rd project!

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