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(07-07-2022, 10:40 PM)Jack01 Wrote: I moved from Old Bosch just like yours to Festool Carvex and I am happy.

Lots of people aren't happy with the Carvex.    The main problems - aside from durability is that the blade guides are a royal PIA to adjust - and they must be re-set every time you change to a different blade.   Dust collection is the same as other jigsaws with that feature - meh !   It's not a tool that's well suited to dust collection.

(07-08-2022, 12:42 PM)messmaker Wrote: I have a Metabo that has served me well. It might not be as good of a deal as the Bosch.

Metabo's jigsaws are pretty good as long as they're dark green , not made in china and don;t say HPT on them.   Problem is, those versions are not widely distributed in the USA and they are priced higher than a similar Bosch model which is.
Wood Magazine that arrived today has a review of cordless jig saws, if that's any interest    They liked the DeWalt best, with Bosch and Milwaukee a close second.  Worx was "best value."
Thanks for that...will take a look...
(07-07-2022, 09:23 AM)brianwelch Wrote: This is the one I have...I wonder if there is something I am overlooking...As I do have several Ryobi 18V tools, I am considering that route, but if I can get the Bosch to work as it should, why throw money away?
Thanks to all for suggestions and comments...

my son and I both have the Ryobi 18 volt and love it . I had mine for 4 years now, It's my go to tool over my milwaukee corded. really cuts great, good blower to see lines, good blade holder, love it.
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I just bough a Makita battery powered circular saw from Home Depot. The offered me a free bare to along with it. I would have opted for a palm router in the twinkling of an eye. I tidn't think that a circular saw, ( 2) 5 amp hour batteries, double charger and their jig saw ( listed somewhere around $150) was a bad buy for again somewhere around $249. 

I used the jig saw for the first time yesterday. I positively love the Makita jig saw. Change blades by hand in a heart beat. It is brushless also. Their blades are top of the line also and I got 6 with it.

If you already are into a good quality cordless system, I'd probably start with a cordless jigsaw.
(07-19-2022, 09:07 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: If you already are into a good quality cordless system, I'd probably start with a cordless jigsaw.

Good advice.  

But if you’re not into cordless , a Bosch is still the safest bet.
I have a twenty year old Bosh barrel grip and a rather new Milwaukee cordless. Twenty years ago the Bosh was way ahead of other jig saws in user design. My cordless and indeed most of the major brands have caught up. Give Bosh credit for drawing the rest of the brands kicking and screaming into the modern age of jigsaws. That said my cordless Milwaukee works as good as the old Bosh. It is also very convenient to grab the saw make a cut and set it back in its roost about as fast as I would spend un-curling the cord and plugging it in to make a cut with a tailed jigsaw.
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I have the older style Festool barrel grip jig. Love it. 

Fun somewhat related tangent:

What I find I use WAY more than a jig is my oscillating cutter (I have a top of the line Fein Multimaster which is nuts good but also spendy. Lesser versions are also quite capable). This tool does what Jig's can't. By a mile. Required tool for old houses.

So as much as I'm a Festool fan, for the money it's MUCH smarter to get a reasonably priced jig saw AND a oscillating multitool than a high priced Festool Jig. 

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