overlapping roof - boxing out the rats?
We have a roof intersection where the eaves are at different levels.  Is there a standard way to box this in to prevent rats from getting back in under the eaves of the higher roof?


A bit late but I would have framed it in prior to roofing than used a roof to wall type flashing and stop the gutter so lined up with gutter below. At this point I'd just fab up some 24 gauge sht metal seal it up real well with caulk & it will be rat proof.
I also would have framed it in with a fascia board and flashed accordingly and then installed the roofing
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I have that problem on our barn.

rats like to hang out there, I've shot dozen's of them hanging out there over the years.  often I'll shoot one and any others will run to the other side, where I shoot another.  One night I killed 16 going back and forth before I ran out of pellets, by the time I got back the rest had left.

would I had known, I would have sealed mine up.

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It's hard to imagine a profesional framer or a roofer leaving that alone. 
The problem with just boxing it in, without killing the animal is they see it as their home. They’re going to do their best to get back in. Kill the ones living there before completing the work.

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(07-18-2022, 10:50 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: I also would have framed it in with a fascia board and flashed accordingly and then installed the roofing

Yes, that was the plan.

How crazy is it to remove section of new roofing, membrane, and sheathing, fix and reinstall?  Is that something that can be localized or does it blow up?

The issue isn't just a convenient den in this location, but that there are gaps that allow access into the attic.
We haven't seen rats recently, but this was an access point for them years ago.  At the time, we had shake roof, and we blocked off access into the overlapped area with a combination of hardware cloth and concrete in the tight areas where the hardware cloth couldn't be adequately secured.

If trying to use flashing now, how would it be secured to the lower roof?  (on top of roof, or tucked under anything?)


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