Mold Removal
Has anyone used the Biocide mold removal kit? The procedure fogs up rooms with a chemical designed to kill mold spores.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Yes, we had a 110-year-old basement with limestone walls. They were black with mold. Also the joists overhead. We bought the pricey Biocide kit. Don’t recall what kit options there were, but the one we bought had the aerosol spray cans, gallons of the liquid to be sprayed with a hand-held sprayer, and even two air purifiers to hang from the ceiling. We used all as recommended before replastering the walls with concrete mix and mortar. (The old mortar seemed to be made of clay and sand and was falling out, leaving large voids.).

When the walls had been replastered, we then spray painted with latex which is breathable. The limestone will be damp for the next hundred years, but we assume we got rid of the mold.
So, there's a good bit more to it. Not sure of your situation, I would like more info.

Mold will grow where the moisture content (MC) of whatever it's growing on is 19% and above. It will grow on anything where there's 19% moisture and food. It will grow on windows if they aren't clean and survive on condensation on the glass. It will live on just about anything... even on jet fuel. So you need to control the moisture. Mold spores are everywhere. Ive if you get all the spores out of your house, they will return as soon as you open a door. That's why air quality tests are performed inside and outside the house... Outside is the "normal" baseline. It's compared to the spore count inside.

Biocide is used once the moisture problem is fixed and the interior (food) is dry. "Normal" moisture content (MC) in a basement is somewhere around 4 to 12% just from condensation. This why it's so important to vent crawlspaces and use vapor barriers. Normal MC of the soil in a crawlspace is much higher than 19%
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