PEX-A - Apollo vs Uponor
I'll just be installing regular water lines. Not installing radiant heating or anything like that and from what I see so far, Apollo PEX-A is less $ than Uponor PEX-A. Like 20% less so I'm wondering why and I'd be grateful for your shared knowledge  or experience on these products.

Of course while tubing is a lot different in price, I'm still going to get stuck by the cost on most everything else. Fittings were already outrageous pre-2020.

Everything from Europe seems to be 20% more than USA. Might be VAT, tho you shouldn’t have to pay that.

Sioux Chief also makes a PEX-A compliant pipe and fittings, cheaper than Uponor. I’m not familiar with Apollo. I used it for underfloor heating and have started my potable water supply system with it. I had no problems with it. Naturally, the tool is expensive. I bought mi e on eBay. Hopefully you already have that. Otherwise, I think PEX-A is the way to go. I saw no downside to using the US made pipe and fittings. I’m a little nervous about the cost of the uponor manifolds. I think the Rifengs are made in China. I think there’s one US manufacturer, but they are pricier than Uponor.
hmm... I had not yet come across Sioux Chief in my PEX research. I see it's Made in USA. That's a plus. I will look into this one further.
Went all through this. I even called Sioux Chief who convinced me all F1968 PEX is the same. I think if the PEX meets the spec, it will be functionally identical.

Only advice I can give is: I installed my underfloor loops 2 winters ago. It was pretty cold here in PA. PEX is hard to bend in cold weather. But if you kink it, which is easy in cold weather, you can fix the kink with a heat gun. You should practice this before you start running lines.

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