Sawstop ICS gloat and question
(08-05-2022, 09:24 PM)Peter Tremblay Wrote: I'm considering this.  Up to this point my dream saw was the PCS.  But this saw is a real step up.  

The good news is that I looked at the plugs in my shop.  I'm using an empty room at the university were I'm a chaplain.  There seems to be a 3 phase plug in the wall.  If you zoom in the plug says 50A 3⌀ 250V

That looks like a 15-50R receptacle.  And my charts indicate that is in fact for 3 phase 50A at 250V.  I'd have to put my meter on it to verify though.  Probably also be pertinent to check for a "high leg" if there is one.  

The plug to matches up would be a 15-50P.  

I suppose you would have to verify blade rotation direction after you plugged it in.  Easily corrected if it is spinning backwards.  

I'd get the saw in my possession and figure out what you wanted to do with it later.  Meanwhile, I'd be keeping my eyes peeled for a single phase motor.  Could probably double your money with a little effort.
(08-05-2022, 10:06 AM)Peter Tremblay Wrote: Ideally I'd love to put a 1.75 HP 120V motor on this saw but the Customer service technician said that that's not possible as the mounting brackets are different.

Check the 3-phase plug and if it's hot take it as today's blessing.

I'm betting if at some time in the future you need to convert it to 120 there may be easier ways to do it or you will find a friend who can change out the brackets.

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