Another box project?
Hello? Hello?  Anyone home?

Bandit, R U ok?  You stopped showing us progress on the box.
"I tried being reasonable..........I didn't like it." Clint Eastwood
Lid is out of the clamps..
Box laid on top of the lid, centered up side to side...and the back edge trimmed down...THEN I could clean things up a bit..
And see how it looks..
Normally on a box, I can just put both the lid and the box into the bench vise, to install the hinges....not this time, so...
Set them on a flat surface, center the lid, and a pair of clamps to keep things still...long enough to take this over to the bench..
That big front lip does have a use.....Then lay out for a few pilot holes..
And a cordless drill to drill the pilot holes..
I hear that Goodell Pratt Co.  sold a good one....toolsmith model.   Then install the TINY screws..
Leave the 2 clamps on..and lay out for a latch, box can just sit on the bench, now..
And, how it looks with things all closed up...
You actually have to press down on the lid, to get the latch to release....

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Needed the lid opened..
So I can get a few parts cut to size...for a tray, and a handle to lift the tray out of the box...Tray work, next..
Edges jointed so they all match...then a few tools..
To do a bit of lay out work...then a saw..
Then a few chisels..
Then a dry fit...or 2

Next day...repeat for the other 2 corners...
Handle will sit in dados, so..
Lay them out...handsaw the dado chisel the clean them out...dry fit..
Waiting on the handle to be shaped, before things can get glued up...

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
In the mean out the can of Witch's Brew Stain...
And under the lid...
And back...
And let this "air out" a few days...while I work on the handle for the tray...

Needed a hole drilled...first off...
Drill is a Millers Falls No. 1950 Buck Rogers.   Needed the hole for this..
First off, I am no Scroll saw "Artist"  and rarely ever use one..but..
Will clean this up, after a few clamps get used...

Those clamps came off this morning...and now a plywood bottom is getting glued on...after I had sized the panel...
So...waiting on glue to dry, today....I think that will about catch things up.....

Spent most of Saturday and Sunday....garage sales and tool rehabs...teaser?
E.C. Stearns & Co.   Tenon auger, adjustable, 1/4" to 1-1/4"....$15.....will post about the rest of the "treasures" later....Boss has errands she wants done...NOW!

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
The box is looking really nice.

What is that fancy tool you are teasing?
Ever want to cut a round for a chair's leg?   Now you can..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I have wanted to do that.  Nice find on that.
These clamps came off...
Sides cleaned up..
Needed a way to set the tray in, but NOT resting on the bottom of the box...
Cut four dowels..3/8" x 3" long, one into each corner with a bead of glue...test for fit..

Have since stained the insides of the box, and given the tray a coat of stain, as well..
And...added a chain to the lid...
Had to crimp the connection to the allow the tray to get past...
And, added handles to the ends...
Everyone asks what will go into this box......well...
How about all the tools and hardware I use to build these small boxes.....

Right now...waiting on a coat of Clear Gloss Poly drying on the outside of the box, and the underside of the finish drying..then see IF it will need a second coat..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Decided one coat of clear gloss poly will be enough.....have rubbed that down a we go..
Front view..
Lid is unlatched, open it..
There is a tray inside...
Almost enough room for a second tray?   Lift the tray out, set it to show off the corner details..

May not be some people's favourite style ( "London Pattern")...but, works for a tray like this..

End view?
This thing can get heavy, so....I was also trying to wrap the grain from this, to..
This....then on around the the other end...
Then around to the front.

Thinking about adding a label, somewhere:  "Tool Chest, Box making, Tools, Supplies"

Thanks for looking in!
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Next up?   Well, for right now....tool sharpening.  Putting the toys away.

There IS one plank I could use for something...7/8" x 6" x 59" in Maple...and rather plain, grain-wise, too.....will be 3 weeks before I can re-supply the wood pile.

Trying to learn to set up a drill sharpening jig for my grinder.....first try last night didn't work out too well..
And that IS the grinder's "fine" wheel....the same wheel I use , when I sharpen these bits by hand....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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