NOS Disston D-111 saw FS
This is the last model Disston hand saw produced in the original Disston Works in Philadelphia before H.K. Porter Co. moved it to Danville, Virginia in the mid-sixties. It is very similar to their D-95 saw with the two-tone Tenite handle, the only difference being a slightly different shaped black nylon handle..I have owned this very collectable saw for many years and it has never tasted wood!!!  It is in MINT condition..Much nicer than the one Jim Bode has for sale at $165.00 plus shipping..I have it for sale priced at $145.00 which INCLUDES shipping!! It is unused and factory sharp...You can put it right to work or add it to your collection because unused, it will only increase in value.. {I would never use it when so many good users are on the market}..but that decision is up to the buyer. At my age, I have to say goodbye to most of the tools I have loved for so long. Your time will come too, so keep them in good condition for caretakers of the future..
First PM saying the words I love to hear..."I'll take it"..Pictures to come... Thanks for looking.....Jack

[Image: 1599-ABF6-8857-49-F1-929-F-48-F8-D34-D96-DF.jpg]

[Image: 1-E202643-2-FF9-4503-B996-B45-BC900583-C-1-201-a.jpg]

[Image: 559-F9-CBE-94-FC-46-C6-AAA0-191-F6237-A367-1-201-a.jpg]

[Image: C6656-C93-79-C3-4-DE2-9038-634-EFD18-C858.jpg]
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