Powermatic Model 60
Soooo, did you grab it?????
I started with absolutely nothing. Now, thanks to years of hard work, careful planning, and perseverance, I find I still have most of it left.
For a running, clean brand name, single phase, 8in jointer I'd say $1k is fine. It's not a steal or a ripoff. The comments on the used tool market are all true. I've been looking for a decent 8-10in jointer for some time and finally found a 1964 Delta/Rockwell beauty. And when I found it I still had to drive 150 miles to get it. It was listed for $750 but since it wouldn't run, I got it for $600. Another knock on the prices is that it's 3ph.

Hopefully you snatched it up!
How do you know you're learning anything if you don't screw up once in awhile?

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Pending sale to someone else, but I told him to let me know if it falls through. Maybe the fact that it didn't sell in an hour is a good sign for the used market. I have a 6" cheap Delta, so it's not an immediate need, just an upgrade.

I've been focusing on my tractor repair, some home improvement projects, and tracking down a unicorn caliber, so woodworking has been paused for a while. I tend to drift around hobbies over time like that. Pesky work keeps taking up my time.
Project Blog Got it all up-to-date, and I promise to keep it up-to-date.
American made model 60 in that condition, wouldn't have expected it to last long.
I paid $700 for my 1985 yellow/green stripe 8” PM jointer about 15 years ago. A retired HS shop teacher owned it in his home shop. Straight knives, 1.5 HP Baldor machine. The wife had the $1850 receipt from when it was purchased new. A new 8” Grizzly was around $700 at the time. A new 6” Grizz was maybe $350-400. I didn’t love the price at that time but didn’t feel terrible enough about it to pass on buying. Of course I’ve forgotten about the $100-200 extra I would of liked to save.

Even in the KC area back then, 8” jointers sold in the first few hours on CL. Especially DJ 20’s and PM’s. I would buy that jointer for $1000 today without hesitating.


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