Stereo Cabinets
I delivered a stereo components cabinet and matching album storage cabinets to a local guy yesterday.  They are made from ash, stained black, and shop sawn walnut veneer on plywood with solid wood edging and stretchers. 

[Image: AL9nZEXoHlNwUeIhNBIsGrd03xFkCDe8WaF6jSS4...authuser=1]

I assembled the side frames using my horizontal router mortiser to cut the mortises, but I used my recently purchased CNC to cut the mortises in the faces of the sides.  

[Image: AL9nZEXDKqdHFEkDhxVvNeNGx4GLiBUKOV19wx-s...authuser=1]

The photo is of one of the album cabinet sides.  There are only 9 mortises in it, but the components cabinet has 25 mortises in each side.  Doing them by hand with a template wasn't something I wanted to do, but would had to have done so prior to buying the CNC.  I'm still very much a beginner with it but it's already been a nice addition to my shop.   

Very nice work John! That's a stout looking CNC, what brand is it?
(09-08-2022, 02:11 PM)FrankAtl Wrote: Very nice work John! That's a stout looking CNC, what brand is it?

Thanks Frank.  It's a OneFinity, specifically the Journeyman.  They've only been in business a couple of years but are growing quickly because they have very robust machines for the money.  Canadian company; great customer service.  Mine has a 48" X-axis and 32" Y-axis capacity, so with tiling you can cut 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, actually 4 x any length.  The X-axis rails are 50 mm diameter so it's very robust.  There are ball screws driving all axis.  You can use a Makita palm router with it, as I do, or upgrade to a true spindle by buying a new Z axis mounting plate.  I likely will do that at some point but the little Makita router is plenty capable as long as you use small end mills.  I held off buying a CNC until the cost of a 48" X-axis machine came down to something I could justify.  OneFinity did it.  

Very nice, John!  Tuning up my bandsaw so I can get veneer from it has been on my to-do list for years.  Maybe this year...(or next)
Very nice, would like to see it when its "full".

Your client has some serious high end components in that pic.

As Edl mentioned your client as some high end components. Would that be a store or is he addicted to stereo stuff like many of us are to woodworking stuff?

Nice BTW.

Great job. Very nice. Looks like that was fun to build, especially having a CNC
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[Image: 07-15-28-122_512.gif]
The contrasting colors are beautiful. Nice job!

The cabinets are in this guy's smoke shop, a nice building in a strip mall where he sells a lot more than just smoking stuff. He just bought a building across the street and will sell vinyl records and other audio stuff there. The cabinets I made eventually will go in his house, but I don't know his timing on that.

Yeah, I guess his components must be good. I have no clue, but the music coming out of it sure sounds great.
He asked me to build 15 large album racks for the new store. I declined. Moving that much material through my basement shop sounded like way too much work. But I think there might be other projects for him and maybe some more cabinets like these when his customers see them. We'll see.
I've always liked natural wood paired with black, especially cherry but walnut looks good, too. He first hesitated when I proposed that combination, even after I showed him samples, but decided to trust me and was very pleased when he saw the finished cabinets. It was a nice project made somewhat simpler by the cnc.

McIntosh electronics. Very nice.

Regards from Perth

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