SawStop: Eating Crow
Ivan, you're correct - we will just have to agree to disagree. I haven't gotten "down in the weeds" on this yet, but my understanding is that he did make a "reasonable" offer to all the major manufacturers and they banded together and stonewalled him, i.e. as in a conspiracy.

He had/has every right to defend his patents; it's what patents are for. If his suits have no validity they will be dismissed. There's a reason most schools and other large entities that use tablesaws are going to Sawstops. It absolutely protects ALL who use them from catastrophic injury AND any ensuing lawsuits that may result from any source.

My guess is that his offer to all the major manufacturers looks pretty good right now in hindsight. Bad decision on their part IMO.

This reminds me of all the "Snowflakes" that got their feathers ruffled because of Trump's "mean tweets" and voted for Biden. How're you enjoying that $5+ a gallon gasoline, just for starters.

But I digress.........

KC: You are right about the dead horse. Other than the license fees being more than any of the manufacturers were willing to pay, I never heard an amount. I do think that there is a difference between pricing oneself out of a market and all of the manufacturers colluding to suppress a technology.

What put it over the top for me was Gass funding the law suit against a TS manufacturer by an illegal alien who spoke no English on a work crew where the foreman spoke no Spanish and he was using a TS with no safety training and no guards, fences, or guides/gauges when he was injured.

Doug: Please keep the politics in the basement.

I see this as more like the Unisys submarine patent that killed gif's on the net when the makers of the web servers and web browsers would not meet their royalty demands.

The SS technology does not protect the people who have it turned off because of its problems with pressure-treated wood or they are cutting electrically conducting composites. Somehow, those lawsuits do not seem to go against SS (at least, not publicly).
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The reason those lawsuits have no traction against Sawstop is because the manufacturer makes it clear that the safety device WILL NOT WORK on those materials.


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