SawStop: Eating Crow
Good for you! I remember when I worked with F-16 pilots that the chief test pilot for Lockheed stated that it only took one moment of inattention to result in a catastrophic result. He had the reputation for being the most knowledgeable F-16 pilot. It wasn't but a few years later he attempted an unnecessary maneuver without enough altitude to complete it before hitting the ground. He ejected too late and sadly died that day. A sad reminder that no matter what the skill level and the task, there's always a risk you'll do something that can result in injury.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
(09-25-2022, 09:40 AM)Tapper Wrote: Have it your way. If I knew what I know now about Sawstop technology and was in the market for a cabinet model tablesaw, one I planned to keep for a while and maybe forever, and wasn't in a financial position to buy a Sawstop PCS and pay cash, I'd get a loan to buy one. That's how much I believe in the technology and its prevention of a catastrophic injury - YMMV.

Totally agree. I used to be on the other side of the fence until an "incident" - (no I didn't lose any fingers)

My feeling is every newbie & every aging ww'er should beg borrow or steal, but get one.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued statements about TS safety, I expect when the patents run out, you'll see the major mfg'ers incorporating flesh sensing technology, if for no other reason to stay competitive.

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