DIY water softener resin bed service?
(09-18-2022, 07:32 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: Take some pictures of you valve head, your tank and the associated plumbing behind the tank. If you intended to replace spent calcite yourself, put the tank in bypass. I can help you with that if I see some pictures. Putting it in bypass takes the pressure off the tank. Unscrew the plug at the top of the tank. This gets messy. Have a 5 gal bucket and rags ready.

Thanks for your help.  Here is the overall system and a closeup of one of the valve heada.  The heads are identical on the neutralizer and resin tanks.  I shined a light through the neutralizer tank and it's nearly 3/4 full so it seems I'm good there for a while as well as on the resin tank for MANY years based on everyone's feedback.


Ok, so you have the calcite tank (on the right) to treat the PH. The calcite is a mineral and some dissolves which hardens the water. That's probably why there's a softener down stream. That's a normal practice.

3/4, you're good to go. I would check the PH once in a while with a DIY kit. If the PH is off and you know it's 3/4 full, you might need to rebuild the valve head. It's not uncommon to rebuild valve heads periodically. I have to do it about every 3 years. That's a Clack valve head. Clack Parts

The tanks themselves are generic tanks.

My guess is there's 2 red valves behind the valve heads. Turn those valves to put the tank into bypass for servicing.
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