Wipe-on MINWAX
I asked this in Finishing, but there isn't a lot of traffic there.

...is my go-to for finishing on turnings, mostly bowls.  I use paper towels to apply the finish.  As you might guess, even with three coats, a can last a long time.

Problem: the once thin liquid begins to thicken.  I have added paint thinner several times, with little change seen.

Question: once it begins to "jell", should I just give up and buy a new can?
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It’s what I’ve used for years on hundreds of bowls. Once it thickens, it’s done. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to “save” it and none worked well.
I cannot comment on the MINWAX.

I can say that I used Deft as a wipe-on on my first successful hollow-form (done in a private class). The wood was very highly figured maple and pretty dry. The wood really sucked up the Deft and darkened so much that much of the figure was no longer visible without a close look.

That sort of discouraged me from using wipe-on poly after that.
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