Framing inspection
(09-18-2022, 06:58 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: The inspector has to be able to see all "new work".

I learned pretty quickly this weekend that I'm not skilled enough to do what I was proposing.  It's a manufactured house and after I took down some drywall, I saw there was a layer of foil-faced hardboard on the backs of each stud bay--I'm guessing to give some weather resistance and rigidity during transport.  That made it harder for me to see what was happening on the other side.  Long story short, the drywall is all open now.  I've got my king studs installed, and now just need to schedule the footing inspection before I can move on.
the local office here has one guy....what a piece of work.

our neighbor and him were discussing what parts of the code applied to a particular area of the garage my neighbor was building.  the guy tossed the book at my neighbor, said "I don't know how to read this thing" went in the back and wouldn't come back out.  Pretty much everyone I've spoken to that has dealt with him, thought he was pretty worthless.  He also told my neighbor to meet the fire rating for the garage according to code, he had to hang 5/8" sheetrock on the outside of the garage....

They had a woman that worked there, she's now retired, she was awesome to work with.  

So I guess it depends on who you get on the phone when you call.

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Yes it all depends on who the inspector is. Green Bay had a couple of good ones and one who was awful. There were so many complaints filed against her that she was eventually fired. These were formal written complaints. One was mine. Untill after the investigation when she was fired she made life miserable for anyone doing anything in her inspection area. The vast majority of inspectors I worked with for over 40 years were great. We worked in a 100 mile radius of Green Bay so I met a lot of different inspectors.

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