handle jig?
Boss' Honey-do Project...
Involved re-painting the Kitchen's doors and drawers...
9 upper doors, and 10 drawer fronts.....Uppers weren't a problem, could remove them, remove the handles, paint them..and re-install the handles...before hanging them back up...Was easy enough to add the second hole for the handle, while waiting on paint to dry fully...

Drawers?   remove the handles, with the drawer a few inches out....no need to drill any new holes. 

Lower doors:  There was NO way this 69 yr old body was getting down on the floor to remove the screws from the bottom hinges (slotted screws, at that
Upset)nd, like the upper doors, there needed to be a second hole drilled.....doors USED to have knobs, one bolt....New brass handles needed 2 holes. 

Lower doors were painted in place....allowed to dry a few hours...while I go to the shop and craft an expensive jig..

Needed to register one bolt to the existing hole....and then have a guide hole set to the handle...so I can drill every hole the same...all 10 of them..
Made from Maple..hey, I did say it was expensive, right?    Bolt fits through the "Top" hole...
and into the hole on the door...I used a clamp to keep things aligned...MK II, MOD 4 Eyeballs to make thing parallel to the edge of the door..
Couple more taps to the right.....then drill a hole..
Then, remove the drill, the clamp, and the jig..and install the handle.....managed to get 5 handles installed, yesterday...along with the ..Handle removal, paint the doors, take a break while all 100 doors dry...after about the fifth door handle install..lower back had had quite enough....for one day.

Plus, the Boss also wanted an Archway painted, as well....

Since the hole spacings seem to be about the same for most handles...may just keep the jig around a while...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Oh, my, I see real genius at work here.
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When I did this on our kitchen cabinets, I made a fence to register to the edges of the doors/drawer faces.  Yours is simpler.
(09-20-2022, 03:16 PM)Bill_Houghton Wrote: When I did this on our kitchen cabinets, I made a fence to register to the edges of the doors/drawer faces.  Yours is simpler.

That's the way I have always done it but then again I am often building new drawers and doors so nothing to register off.
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I dread the thought of handle changing day. I know it will come eventually. Our current handles have been in place for over a decade.

Good call on the drill jig.

Also good call on that rolling chair.
Use the 5 gallon bucket to sit on....sat it upside down on the floor...and hope my 230 pound rear end doesn't break it...1/2 the bolts were phillips for the handles, the other 1/2 were slotted...tried to keep them paired up.    And...just because the jig is plumb, doesn't mean the edge of a door is....anyway..last 5 handles are installed...
Last 3 handles....

Jig is now in a tool box, awaiting the next project that might need such handles...

Had 2 holes, that had filled up with paint...had to run the drill in through from the inside of the door...before I could set the jig in place.  Hate when that happens...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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