Still using your corded tools if you have the same cordless one?
(09-23-2022, 12:18 PM)stav Wrote: I like the idea of battery operated lawn tools but I don't see them having the power of the gas ones.  I used to work lawn maintenance (growing up in FL, that is just a thing everyone seems to do). The gas trimmers had power to spare in the worst of conditions.  Guess that one is all up to what you need.  I would have liked to have the power without the noise.

Try the EGO stuff. I don't think power will be a problem.
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I have most of the power tools I ever expect to need.  Most of them are corded.  I do have a couple cordless drills and an impact driver, but I don't see myself going any deeper into cordless shop tools, at my age.  I just don't use them enough that the convenience outweighs the cost of replacing corded tools that I already have and will probably out live me.

Now as for cordless OPE, I've dipped my toe into that market.  I bought a cordless pole saw and a cordless leaf blower.  Both use the same batteries and charger, so that is a plus.  I didn't own either of these before and they don't see everyday use, but I think cordless OPE will be a market that grows exponentially over the next few years.  I don't expect to have to replace my gas string trimmer or chainsaw anytime soon, but I might consider cordless if & when I do.
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(09-26-2022, 08:27 AM)messmaker Wrote: Try the EGO stuff. I don't think power will be a problem.

I don't actually own a weed eater now and my edger is corded as I only have the drive way and the front curb to edge. Lawn mower is gas and will remain so until we are no longer allowed to have them. I try to keep the lawn pretty basic so there isn't a lot of fuss.

A friend of mine got the EGO set and was not happy with them.  I never used them so I have nothing to go on other than him saying they were not worth it.
(09-25-2022, 08:17 AM)Pirate Wrote: Cordless tools in my equipped shop. Drill and driver. Hate buying new batteries, or new tool, because battery died.

I got roped into Ridgid power tools years ago ...  when one of their battery dies, I just call them up and a replacement appears on my door in a few of charge.

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Ridgid's lifetime warranty (subject to conditions) is a selling point.

For the most part I consider battery tools "toy tools", the ones with the tail will work as hard and as long as you want with no compromises.   Same for weed eaters, chain saws, hedge trimmers,and lawn mowers, gas gets the job done in the least time with the least effort.    I have a small impact driver and a drill driver that get used for screws and small nuts n bolts, thats it.
(09-21-2022, 10:52 AM)atgcpaul Wrote: I bought a pretty nice set of cordless Ridgid tools.  Now I'm wondering when I'll ever reach for their corded version over cordless.  This Sunday we lost power for almost 4 hours as I was doing some demo on a wall.  I was only using cordless tools so I just kept going.  The cordless circular saw (7 1/4")is better than my corded Skil.  The cordless reciprocating saw is just as good as my corded Dewalt.  The cordless multitool is better than the corded HF one.  I will hold onto my corded drill, though.  I think the only thing I'll miss are the individual plastic storage cases.

Did you just sell off your corded tools or are you holding onto them just in case?


I've gotten rid of most of my corded tools due to not using them any longer.  Newer cordless has just gotten that good.  I'm amazed at how useful my cordless router and sanders are.
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Kept them? Yes. Use them often? Not really.

I have a corded jigsaw that is nice and straight. But when I need a good cut with a jigsaw, I usually use a bandsaw.

I have a corded Milwaukee Sawzall that my wife got me years ago that I use for heavy demo.

I have a corded worm-drive Dewalt circular saw that I may sell. I used to use it for finish cutoffs, but now I have a track saw.
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Might as well keep corded tools, no market for them. Used obsolete cordless stuff has a market (wtf?).
I bought 3 Milwaukee drills, 2, 1/2" hole shooters (#0234) and the hammer drill version for $25 at an online auction, all are in good condition.

last weekend our F350 dually got a flat front tire. wheels haven't been removed in years, its not driven much, the tires rot before we wear them out.... to remove the wheel, we started with the corded impact wrench.  When that didn't break all the lug nuts free, I got my Ridgid 18v impact wrench and that zipped the lug nuts right off with no problem.

cordless 1, corded 0.

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