Still using your corded tools if you have the same cordless one?
I bought a pretty nice set of cordless Ridgid tools.  Now I'm wondering when I'll ever reach for their corded version over cordless.  This Sunday we lost power for almost 4 hours as I was doing some demo on a wall.  I was only using cordless tools so I just kept going.  The cordless circular saw (7 1/4")is better than my corded Skil.  The cordless reciprocating saw is just as good as my corded Dewalt.  The cordless multitool is better than the corded HF one.  I will hold onto my corded drill, though.  I think the only thing I'll miss are the individual plastic storage cases.

Did you just sell off your corded tools or are you holding onto them just in case?

I know I'm generally in the minority in these discussions but I still keep and use my corded stuff over cordless quite a bit. I initially pit on the Dewalt 18 V kit when it came out in the 90's and found the battery was good for about one cut with the circular saw and that was about it. The drill was good and the reciprocating saw was pretty good as well. Not as good as a corded. Over the years, I got better corded stuff cheap on Craigslist as people switched over and now I have a pretty high(-ish) end set of corded stuff cheap.  I do use my cordless drill a good bit, but not often, so I usually have to wait for batteries to charge.  It's not as easy as plug and play.  It does become a pain if you need to work in an area without power, but that is not often for me.
Not very often, exceptions are heavy cuts with the Sawzall or circular saw.

Use my cordless drills/drivers often. Reach for tailed ones occasionally. Was drilling some holes in a 2x top plate for some wiring and my slow speed trusty Dayton did a nice job.

Other tools mostly corded. Bought them some time ago and went for quality. Makes no sense to replace them.

Not as often, but do occasionally still use the corded tools. Main one being the worm drive SkilSaw. If I'm doing a bunch of larger holes, then I'll pull out the corded drill. Still use the corded grinder if it's for a major project.
If I think the cordless will do the job, that's the one I take. For handheld tools I do cordless 90% of the time. Batteries have gotten so much better over the last 10 years...
Depends upon the job at hand. Cordless drills and drivers? Pretty much all the time. Circular saw? Maybe 30% cordless. Sawzall? Maybe 5% cordless. Router? About 50 - 50.
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I use corded when I know the job is going to drain batteries quickly.  I have  a Milwaukie Portaband corded it wasn't cheap to buy and a cordless replacement isn't inexpensive or a tool I would use often enough to justify.  I am not sure they have a battery equivalent for a hole hawg or Milwaukee right angle.  

Edit to add angle grinder and any saw I am using to cut stone is corded
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I've not went down the cordless grinder path. Haven't seen a 9" cordless,

Pretty sure nobody makes a 10" circ saw either.

And if your corded tools are Festool and Mirka (ROS and Orbital sanders, tracksaw, drills) and Elu (routers) .... would you not want to use them?

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