We have Plan?
task for this morning...complete corner #3..the last in line...start here..
Tails have been sawn.  A backer board for support...chop about half way down...then flip over..
And finish chopping out the waste.   Then use this to lay out the cuts on the pin board...double checked to make sure I am on the correct face..

Using a different saw...easier to control , too..
Remember to saw on the waste side...leave as much of the line as I can....can always pare a bit, if needed..
Saw Guide?  Yep, my left index finger pressing up against the saw.....then chop the waste out...I just use a chisel, then pare to the lines..test fit?   Pare a bit more..finally on the 3rd try..
Then back to the games....and rest up a bit.....I will need it...
These 2 boards are to become the panels for the lid and the box's bottom...they have a kerf cut all the way around...as I need these 2 to be 5/8" thick...

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Some dummie decided to go back to the shop...late at night...and get a darn good Cardio Work out...
Those 2 boards...set one aside for now,  stand the other up in the vise..
idea here is to hold the board steady  while I run a saw...
Somehow, I don't think this is gonna work...we have ways..
If'n ya gonna rip a board, use a rip saw...D8 Thumbhole, 28" long, 5-1/2 ppi...
When the saw gets down to about here...time to flip the board over, and cut from the other end..
Trying NOT to cut into my bench when I reach the first cut...Results?

Stash the thin one elsewhere...on to the second board..that had "issues"..
As in a few knots....didn't bother the saw one bit..repeat as before...until..
The waste drops out.   Next, because the tablesaw cuts slightly thicker kerf than the D8...need to plane these 2 flat..
Once both are done...
Just have to decide which will be the lid's panel...and which will be the bottom of the box...
Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Also, did a test run on the Stanley 45...set up with a 3/16" cutter, depth stop at 3/8", fence set 3/16" away from the cutter...running a single skate..
And the groove has to go all the way around the panels.    The I have to reset the plane, and plough housing grooves on the top and bottom inside face of each side.

On the 2 panels....one side of that groove's walls gets reduced down to 3/16" from 3/8" high...the longer wall will go outside of the box, the short one will go inside the sides' grooves.

Might be a bit much for one day?   Running that Stanley 45 across end grain....?   Hmmm, may have a different way....we'll see...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Back said it was time to stop, for today...sweep the krunchies up..
Busy day?  16 grooves were milled...some on the edges..
Some on the end grain...
Some on the inside faces of the sides...
Some, because they were too short to use the Stanley 45 on, were done a different  way..
Test for fit, along the way...
Until I could try an almost full dry fit..
The panels do not need to go all the way...to the edge..
Because when I plane the sides into shape, they will meet up with the panels...details inside?
Lot of interlocking going on...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Warning: do NOT work in the shop, on a Monday..
Went to tap the dry fit apart, to work on 2 stopped dados...."Crack!"

All the grooves needed fine tuned...way too tight...
Went ahead, laid out one dado.  Used the lay out marks to cut a divider to size...then got out some tools..
That screw?  I chopped on the bench, the screw was to hold the part still...was finally able to move the part over to the vise..
So I could use that router plane to smooth things out...
and see how it went...
At least something went right, today...

I also installed a cordless Pencil Sharpener in the shop..
It says Boston on the other side.

90 minutes was just about enough "fun" for a Monday...try again, tomorrow?
Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Been away from this one for a while due to our unwanted windy house guest.  

I'm really liking that wood.  And the pencil sharpener. I have the same one.  

Those curved dovetails would give me all sorts of issues.  Straight ones are hard enough.
Roh-kay....clamps came off today...time to lay out that other dado..
Clamp the part to the bench..
Get a couple chisels working, trying to remove most of the waste...
Then a router plane to clean it up..
That should do it.   Need to set up the combo square to 3/16".   Coming down from the outside face, mark a line along the edges...
Goal here, is to plane down to that "stop line" in a nice gentle curve from the center...something like these 2..
One on the left needs a bit more fine tuning...
This mess was just for doing the 2 ends...still have to do the 2 long sides the same way...needed a jig, for that.
Was almost done with the first edge...
Got to about here, when the toes started to cramp, the right calf started in, too....then the fingers...time to call it a day?

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Up-dates, anyone?

Results of planing the long sides to shape...
Then a dry fit..
Needs trimmed a bit?
Could be....Paul Sellers used one of these saws...
Jury is still out on that saw....have to rub it with a candle, before each cut...I also needed to level the top and bottom edges..
Just so it will sit without any rocking going on...
The only thing I don't like about this design...is you can't do a full dry fit of everything....never get it back apart.   So..everything ready?
A bottle of glue, a brush to spread it around..some curved cauls,,,,,and a few clamps...let this sit a day

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ok, having sat a day on my bench, time to get busy, again..so...remove the clamps and the cauls...and work on the long sides a bit..
Fill any gaps, level anything sticking up,  to include the edge of the lid panels...and give those a slight round-over..then onto the ends...
Same here, except..there are also 8 holes to plug...custom made for each hole, of course...Once it is seated into a bit of glue..
That skinny saw again...7 more to do...Then plane and sand everything smooth...
Both ends done...lay out a line to saw the lid off with..
All the way around, of course....and, in theory, the saw is supposed to follow that pencil line?

Start at the corners..
Then connect 2 end corners...
Once both ends are sawn..lay the box down on a side...and connect the end cuts...until you feel the saw cut through.   Good thing I have a second one of these saws...I can leave one in this kerf..
Flip the box over with the saw in the kerf...clamp the box in the vise as high up as you can...and complete the cut by connecting the 2 end cuts,,,,results?
A bit rough..but the backsaws are filed Rip.  
So, next time in the shop, I get to plane this a bit, so the lid will sit better on the box....and might even see about some hinges?

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Looking good so far.

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