Anyone watch "The House That Norm Built" on PBS last night??
Norm Abrams is retiring from TOH and they had a nice tribute to him last night.  1 hour show with a few people wishing him the best in retirement.  The TOH crew past and present offered their best wishes but I don't recall Bob Vila offering a tribute.

It was nicely done.

I'll miss Norm.  I've built a few of his pieces in his "Mostly Shaker" book.

Good luck've earned it.
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Yup. I have watched him for years and have a few of his books. I think he probably influenced more people to get into woodworking than anyone else. I wish him a long life and a happy retirement.

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Missed most of it, but caught the last 20 minutes.  I enjoyed it and wish I had been able to watch the whole thing.  I hope PBS puts that one in regular repeat rotation.  I think Norm was genuinely moved by the tributes.
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Didn't see the show but thanks for the heads up. Will try to catch it in reruns. Norm was the best IMO. He made the difficult seem simple and had a special way about him in explaining techniques clearly.

All the best, Norm - enjoy your retirement and you will be missed!

Thanks Doug....

Gents, if you go to your local listings, it's gonna be aired a number of times in the near future. 

I'm gonna tape it....
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A very nice tribute. And yes, Norm seemed truly moved by the comments from his peers. His reaction to Mike Rowe was amazing.


If you have Roku you can stream it on demand.
I wonder if it was Bob Vila or PBS that decided he wouldn't film a 'goodbye and good luck'.    I always thought him to be a condescending pr**k, so it wouldn't suprise me at all if they asked and he refused.
It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t want Vila there.

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I finally got to watch it. Very well done. I have 1 question. While they are lined up for photos they start setting up another group. WHAT THE %#!& THAT IN THE BRIGHT GREEN DRESS WITH GREEN BALLS STUCK TO IT??????

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