Cutting Brass
Jigsaw w/ a brand new bosch blade. W/ a guide you can get a seriously straight line and no complications as to where the chips went, etc. easily the safest and most direct option.

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(10-27-2022, 08:21 AM)Bill Wilson Wrote: I came home from the flea market with a couple rolls of copper flashing, a few years ago.  I've toyed with the idea making Christmas ornaments on my scroll saw with it.  I've made thousands of wooden scroll saw ornaments over the years.  I've even used acrylic and Corian, but never tried any metal.  I'm still not sold on the idea, at least with the copper.  I know Copper isn't as easy to machine as brass, as it can be a little gummy.  I'm not sure how it would cut on the scrollsaw.  I would be much more inclined to try, if I were using brass.  Sandwich it between a couple layers of thin plywood, use a jeweler's blade and should be good to go.

You can cut copper sheet on a scroll saw . Be aware the copper will get hot as you saw. 12 TPI or more blade . You do not have to sandwich between plywood. When making ornaments, hammering will harden the copper. If this happens, you will know ,   the copper gets harder to work, then stop and anneal. You need insulated brick for the copper to lay on and a propane torch to heat the copper to red hue. You can let it cool or grip the piece with pliers and place it in water. Fire brick not good, absorbs the heat. Insulated brick is also known as refractory brick. It is white , very light and fragile. Probably have to buy this online.

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