Making paste wax
I have had a block of pure bees wax and small bag of carnauba wax. I have read pages on ratio's 1-4 to 1-8 bee to carnauba.But every recipe has either turps or BLO to soften. Being a retired cheap skate Idon't want to buy a can of terp that won't be used again. Can I use olive oil instead ?  I'll use the wax on knives.
Vegetable oil might go rancid over time, ruining your mixture. That said, I'm guessing these are food prep knives of some kind so i don't know what to suggest. Might read a can of paste ingredients and see what's in there....I would be surprised if it's MS in some form.
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You might want to look up Spoon Butter.  It's Bees Wax and Mineral Oil, it's the best for cutting boards and knife handles according to Americans Test Kitchen. If you don't have a double boiler you can put a rag in the bottom of the pot of water. It is also great to keep your skin soft in the winter!
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