Resurrecting my Dad's old Craftsman table saw
(10-31-2022, 01:49 PM)Bill Wilson Wrote: Good luck with the restoration.

I'm left handed, but I think I use my saw in what most would consider the traditional, right handed configuration, with the blade to the right of the fence..  Mainly because that is just how I got used to using a TS, plus the rails on my current saw extend further to the right, for greater rip capacity on the right.  I could change it, but it works for me and I'm totally comfortable with it as is.  I don't think there a a hard & fast rule, just orient it how you are most comfortable operating it.

Once you get the 2 saws bolted together, I think you may benefit from building a stand underneath and incorporating storage into it.  There would be a fair amount of space available under there.  Makes sense to utilize it as much as possible.  Put the whole thing on locking casters and you will easily be able to move it, as needed.

Post pics as you go and/or when you are done.

(11-02-2022, 06:41 PM)Tapper Wrote: ?

You know, I had to read that twice to see that I wrote it backwards.  My blade is to the left of my fence.  Hopefully that is a little clearer.  Sorry for the confusion.  
If you are going down a river at 2 mph and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to shingle your roof?

I thought that's what you meant. Thanks for the clarification.


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