Cribbage Board Peg Holder
I am looking for some ideas for holding metal cribbage board pegs.  I am building a cribbage board with the holes encircling a cut out pocket of a lake that will be filled with blue epoxy.  I would like a neat method of storing the pegs with the board.  I have seen a pocket cut into the edge of the bottom with a sliding thin metal "door" to trap them in the pocket.  I also tried experimenting with a pocket with magnets in the bottom of the pocket to hold the metal pegs.  This takes a shallow pocket and a lot of magnets because after the pegs are a couple layers deep the magnet doesn't retain them any more.  Neither of these methods appeal to me so looking for any other clever ideas people have used.  I only have slightly over 5/8" thickness to work with and the lake and holes take up the majority of the surface area.
I decided to do this.  This is just a picture off the internet - not my actual project.

How about a circular cover with a semi-circular opening that would rotate over a semi-circular storage recess. The circular cover would rotate on a center pivot and be held shut by a ball detent like those use in cabinet doors.

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