Need a new cordless drill...recommendations?
Same tools, full size DeWalt 12v.

(11-27-2022, 02:32 PM)EdL Wrote: Same tools, full size DeWalt 12v.


Not the same tools................mine were bosch, and before that, festool. 

 DeWalt has never really been at the forefront of battery technology, though their current stuff looks promising.  Looks can be deceiving so time will if they've really upped their game.
I had two generations of Panasonic drills and in their time the were top of the line or close to it. I have the Dewalt 20v brushless drill/driver set and am very happy with its performance. I've built a couple decks and screened porch with them as well as shop use. The newer generation if drills from Dewalt and others are vastly superior to the older stuff. 

CM is right - go to HD or Lowes and see which feels best in your hands and look ahead to what other tools are available in that brand you may want to add later.
(11-09-2022, 04:00 PM)Dumb_Polack Wrote: The old Panasonic one is dying, so I need a new one.  (I had a Bosch before this one (maybe 25 yrs ago that I liked).

My needs:

Long battery life
I don't need an impact driver (although do they make one the can be turned into an impact driver with a switch on the machine??  That would be interesting to research)

I've seen the video from Project Farm on drill drivers but I'll take any recommendations you've got.  Thanks!

for some context, I'm not a contractor, just a hobbyist WWer, but I don't mind paying for quality.....not Festool prices, but something a little more reasonable.

Over the years, I've bought some expensive cordless drills.....Heck, my first Milwaukee was near $400.

I gave my Panasonic to my son some. years ago. I was the best around when I got it.

But, I don't need anything quite as heavy.... and quite frankly, I don't think it's worth spending big money on a drill,

except for my Milwaukee corded Hole Shooter, that's will break your wrist if you're not careful using it, but, that's in a whole different category. 

So, the last time I bought, I got some Bosch refurbs from CPO 

I was pleasantly surprised, and they looked brand new when I got them. I got the drill/driver combo.

Liked it so much, I got another set. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the driver. 

But make sure you use bits MADE for a driver. If you use a regular bit, it will get jammed in the chuck. 

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