Putting the shooting board to work
You may remember I developed a couple of different shooting boards earlier this year.  Today I used the bevel feature to shoot the ends of the aprons that wrap around a bench I'm working on.  

Here's the basic structure of the bench.  

[Image: AL9nZEW0h6Mftz1Pm01dYncbZv4BvMnbyNLeQluE...authuser=1]

The aprons wrap around that shelf on the top of the legs.  BTW, the bench is cherry veneer over plywood.  

I cut the apron pieces on my chop saw maybe 1/32" long and then tuned the final fit with the shooting board.  You get much cleaner surfaces off the shooting board.  

[Image: AL9nZEVzDzrj7bLimQ9gCUz7NfLJu9pn3Ol6n3uD...authuser=1]

The advantage of the tilting bevel over the donkey ear approach isn't obvious with this piece, but the long aprons are 59" long, a little hard to hold in good alignment against a donkey ear but easy on this shooting board, just add support for the outboard end and go to it w/o struggling.  And in case you forgot or didn't know, this shooting board can do any miter angle and most bevel angles, separately or in combination.  

Here's what it looks like on one end after shooting the miters.  

[Image: AL9nZEXa_T1pjyuRVVUtEuB8SFfilWhgA14tnT_N...authuser=1]

Thanks for looking.  I'll post something when the bench is done.  

Well, from here, that looks perfect!!!!
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Those miters came out great.
Looks great John!
I have one of John's shooting boards and I can attest to their accuracy and useability. The one board replaced 3 of my boards and was dead on in all its uses without any tweaking.

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Looks like that shooting board can do just about anything.  Nice work on it and the bench as well.
(11-29-2022, 02:17 PM)stav Wrote: Looks like that shooting board can do just about anything.  Nice work on it and the bench as well.

Thanks.  I'm finishing the bench now.  

Yes, the shooting board can do almost anything related to miters and bevels.   You can learn more about it here:  Link  

I offer it, as well as a simpler version, for sale. 

For some things you can't replace the accuracy of solid hand tool work - those corners are mighty pretty!
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looks great!


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