Electric brad nailer
Does anyone know of a decent electric brad nailer (plug in, not cordless) that can shoot longer brads? At least 1 1/2 inch? Thanks!
I've never seen one....not sure they exist. I would'nt think there is much of a market for it.

Interesting, it seems like such a unicorn does not exist. I want something for a very, very small shop, and I’m hoping not to need a compressor. There are nice battery powered ones, but I don’t like batteries because I go long periods without using them and they tend to die. If anyone has any ideas I’m all ears.
The current generation lion batteries don't drain down during storage like the obsolete nicad ones did.
The only thing todays cordless tools have in common with the previous generation is the term "cordless".

Have a complete set of nail air guns I've been using for various projects for "upteen" years now. Small pancake compressors don't take up much space and can be tucked away when not in use; same with those slim air hoses these days.

I'm probably old school but the only battery tools I have are cordless drills. And as was mentioned earlier, the new generation of batteries last a long, long time. If you buy the  Rigid brand, even better warranty-wise.

I was looking for the same thing several years ago and abandoned the idea when no candidates were to be found.  I've since added several pneumatic nailers to my shop tool inventory and I believe I'm far more satisfied than I ever would have been with an electric nailer.  

I wouldn't totally write off battery powered nailers though.  As was mentioned earlier, battery tech and quality has grown by leaps and bounds.
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If space is the primary concern, years ago I bought a regulator that regulated down from a tiny paintball gun tank to where a nailer could be used, it was designed for portable use with a belt clip for the tank. 

May fit the bill for you
Had an electric bradder(not that size). Useless in any hardwood and less than optimum in softer woods.

A small compressor(portable) will run a brad nailer.

Oh, one other thing. You are not an experienced brad nailer until you run a brad into your finger/thumb(when holding two parts together).
At the risk of getting dismissed,  I will say my cordless Ryobi can shoot up to 2inches...I like it.

Oops...I missed the"not cordless" part.
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