Custom Closet System Directly on top of Carpet??
It depends on the height if the carpet plus pad, if you ever go with flooring we had an issue attaching shoe moulding. Not much wood to nail to.

I would remove it if this is ever a possibility.
Quote:It depends on the height if the carpet plus pad,

No, it really does not.   

NoBottom line -   no built in millwork on carpet.   

Unless you're a hack or tv house flipper.
I pulled carpet and pad, refinished hardwood then hung all the cabinetry off of cleats on wall. Nothing is sitting on the floor.
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We have off the shelf cabinets in the closet that hang on the wall. I'd do the same if I wee going to build them. That space between the floor and cabinets is very handy. Shoes, suitcases, laundry basket, boxes etc
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Don't put builtins on carpet (or any flooring).   Aside from it is unprofessional, if you are the person who replaces the flooring in the future, you will hate yourself.  If you are not the person, whoever is replacing the flooring will not like you.

Don, with all this input did you decide?????
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Thanks everyone for your responses. The consensus view seems to be to remove the carpet. And that is also what I ultimately decided to do. I plan to have the cabinets sit on a base – and so removing the carpet under the base makes the most sense to me, seems the most professional, etc.. However, one of the cabinets does not get a base (or have a bottom shelf) and so I like the suggestion of having it not “rest” on the carpet (to allow for future removal of the carpet). And so for this one cabinet it will be attached to the wall and slightly “suspended” above the carpet.

Below is the final plan.

That sir, looks grand. Would like to see pics when it's complete but definately will not share with my wife.
Ok, that's a massive built in.
When you first asked the question, I assumed you meant something maybe 32" or 48" wide.. that could be unscrewed from the wall and moved if the carpet needed replaced.. So yes, I am willing to admit I am wrong.. haha.. please post pictures when you are done, I would love to see the finished product.
(12-19-2022, 02:43 PM)paul2004 Wrote: Ok, that's a massive built in.

Its worse than that!

The main bedroom is on the second floor and can only be accessed by a spiral staircase (the “curved” section in the plan is the backside of the staircase). So very difficult to haul assembled cabinets up to the bedroom.  I can barely get a 6’ ladder up the darn stairs w/o banging up the walls. I plan to fabricate and pre-finish the individual components in my shop and then complete the final assembly upstairs (already informed wife one of the upstairs bedrooms is now the assembly area).

The curved section actually consists of 40 individual shoe “cubbies” – We call it the “Wall-O-Shoes!

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