Ideas for overhead dust collection on Delta Uniguard
I've got a Grizzly 1023 that came with the overhead Delta Uniguard. I like it but the fact there's zero consideration for overhead dust collection is frustrating. Any ideas for adding it? I've got 500' of cherry to rip and would be great to have.
That was a topic of discussion here not too long ago. This should get you somewhere in the thread.
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I'm going to remove the original guards on the Uniguard and use the 1" overhead tube to mount one of these I just ordered.

Will have to fabricate the bits in between but shouldn't be too bad. I ordered a 4ft section of 1/8"x3/4" aluminum stock to make the arms.
I didn't know PSI was selling those baskets. They look quite a bit like a shop built one that was popular quite a few years ago, posted in the now defunct Badger Pond ww'ingforum. If you want sme supprt ideas check out the pdf at router forums.  The link I posted gets you a search result, click on it to see the pdf. (I hope that works, I can't figure out how to link the pdf directly). I think that basket will work quite well. I built one from the Badger Pond plans and gave it away since I couldn't come up with a support arrangement I like.
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Did a quick look at the PSI unit, one consideration noted.  Check the size of the vacuum port on the unit.  Personally, when I built my overhead guard, I was able to get a bigger guard Shark Guard sold at one time.  It was called a Whale Shark guard.  It works very good and I'm happy with the results.
One more thing, I have a cabinet saw with a vacuum port on the cabinet and one on the overhead guard.  There's a shutoff on the overhead guard so when it's raised you can still collect dust from the cabinet.
Just some comments.
Woodsmith plans has a "dust free blade cover"

I built a variation and mounted it on my Uniguard

Works quite well

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