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(01-04-2023, 10:37 PM)MKepke Wrote: I don't see how one of these spur-type 'safe drivers' helps with an out of round bowl blank.  My gut says a typical sized spur drive like a Stebcenter is going to slip in a heavy, green, out of flat surface bowl blank.  That's the opposite of a safety feature in my book (when the spur drive chews enough of a hole to allow the blank to slip).

What you need (I think) is a system that allows you to properly balance the bowl blank, then securely drive it that balanced state.

I'm sure some oversized spur drives would work, like the Texas Spur  - but the price? Ouch.

I use a somewhat crude DIY solution consisting of a 5" faceplate threaded for 5/16" x 2" bolts.  The bolts are sharpened on the ends so I can drive them deep into the blank.

I balance the blank using trial and error.  I don't set the bolts deep until I'm satisfied the blank is balanced. 

Here's the commercial version.  I think mine is better because it doesn't rely on a Morse taper, it screws onto the spindle.

Largest blanks I've use mine with were 20" and probably 50-60#.  (Note I always turn with the tailstock in place until the piece is almost fully roughed out).


Yeah I can see how that would help.  I have a faceplate.  I can try finding the balance point and then attaching the face plate.

I was watching a random Richard Raffan video yesterday and realized that I have a screw attachment for at least 2 of my chucks.  He was using one to demonstrate a blank saver tool.  So I think I am going to try finding the balance point on a blank, drilling the hole and using the screw attachment for the chuck.  

Long term I am going to up my blank prep game and come up with a jig to help the chainsaw cuts stay parallel for the top and bottom of the blank.  I have an idea in my head, just have to fab it up.


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