water Based coolant
Here is a picture of the grinders magnetic chuck after it has set unused a couple of weeks. It is drippings from inside of the wheel guard and coolant tube. I parked the table so that the dripping would be off the table. How ever some one moved the table back under the wheel, probably for more room around the metal cutting lathe.


This is what is left after the water has evaporated It wasn't real difficult to clean up because it hadn't been on the table that long. two or more months and it is a real pain . I used my 6 inch steel rule to scrape the majority off.


Then I used a wet rag and some 240 wet dry sand paper wrapped around a 1-2-3 block to get the rest. It came off much better than I expected. Usually it is on harder to get off and it wants to adhere to the brass strips more than the other metals. The grinder doesn't get run much anymore and usually when I want to run it I have to add about 5 gallons of water to the tank. Please don't try to sound like a smart know it all and tell me what is wrong with the mixture and Bla Bla Bla.  I only work there part time and I have been told that it is not my job to worry about it. I just wear rubber gloves and deal with it.

My point is that if the water evaporates and leaves behind the coolant, then if you buy coolant to add to your water so you can spray water on your diamond stone to keep it from rusting the plate then after the water has evaporated,  the coolant that is left on the plate after you are finished will stay on your plate and gum up the valleys in-between the peaks and eventually cutting ability of the stone will be slower And slower.

Because I have dealt with coolant on chucks for 60 years, I decided to use a hot air gun instead. I don't have to buy the coolant. If the water is removed for the diamond plater then the water can not cause rust and I have seen no evidence of rust in 5 years. The water in our area has a lot of minerals in it so I chose to use distilled water. 

And lastly there is always a demand in my shop for a heat gun and it is around the cost of the coolant.

I have written this to give you some information that might help you. What you do with it is up to you.

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