1908 Dual Arbor/2 Blade Table Saw
(01-13-2023, 06:45 AM)KyleD Wrote: Add to this his sewing and upholstery skills as well.

Yeah, and leatherwork.  In a recent video he made himself a leather vest lined with remnants of a coach top.

(01-10-2023, 07:35 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: Interesting.
Years ago, 1985? or so, I was shown a saw that was 3 stories up, in a grain elevator of all places.
I think it was used for cutting boards for some of the small wooden bins that were still in place in various rooms.
Now this saw popped up out of the table, when you depressed a foot lever with your right foot.
Release the lever, and the blade retracted with spring pressure.

What I saw that would be unhandy, was the fact if you had a 10' board to rip, you need to be behind the saw at least 4', holding said 10' board up and on the table, while trying to reach and depress a foot lever. Nope, not good, unless your arms are 5' long. Lol

So anyways, we didn't even get to a price as I wasn't interested in the saw.
It has no cabinet underneath, just typical angle iron supports.

I ran a saw like that on large construction sites. I placed a short piece of 4x4 between the pedal and a cut out in the base. This saw blade was 16" 
and only used for ripping. Another carpenter ran a Dewalt radial arm saw for crosscuts.  
I do not recall the dimensions of the table, best guess is 60" wide and 48" deep.  Ran on gasoline.

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