torsion boxes
I saw a post about a torsion box in the wood working section of this forum and I though I would write about it here.

Track saw are now the rage in woodworking. There are so many comparisons between brands on You Tube it isn't even funny and along with the comparisons comes their opinions. Not going to go there.

I saw one person on his hands and knees on the piece of plywood which was on a pink sheet of thick foam insulation, on the floor.  His main complaint is there was no way to use the track clamps.  Track clamps ,to use, or not needed is another story.

I could be wrong, but the only use for the foam insulation, in this case, is for cutting plywood and because of expense, storage is needed because it will be needed sooner or latter to cut more plywood. it. At 77 one can forget about me unloading a full sheet of plywood down onto the floor let alone getting down on my hands and knees. Where to put the foam when not in use is the main problem for me.

I saw one using a centipede. A centipede cost about $90 for a 2 x4,  which I don't think is big enough, and then goes up from there.  It does solve the floor problem and also the saw blade sticking out below the bottom  of the plywood, and amount of storage space is greatly reduced.  Cost is a factor. I do have a 4 x 8 centipede I thought it would be great, I used it once. I found it difficult for me to put a sheet of OSB on it by myself.  But again age can be a big factor. I have used it once.  Now when I need to do some cutting or just need a table I reach for my cutting table. My wife uses it when doing a garage sale. Like the pink foam storage takes some planning

I pull the plywood out of my truck right onto my table and set up and cut. I saw through the top of that table. And have done so for the last 20 years.  I thought I would share what works for me




Thanks for looking.

If I were to do it all over a gain I would build my torsion box table around 3 foot wide and not as wide as I built it. Also 6 foot is plenty long for me know and I think the table thickness would be fine at 2 inches thick and not the 4 inches that it is. The table is real handy for many other purposes

Next I have been using the the system you see for over 25 years and pre dates track saws. I do not believe that a track saw, no mater how good, will ever replace a table saw.  I size and finish all plywood pieces on a table saw. Finishing my plywood pieces has worked well for me for 50 plus years so I see no reason to change to a new system.  Therefore I have no intentions of ever buying a track saw. Since I do my sawing outside, dust collection is not a concern. Which could also be used as a reason to get one.

If I didn't have what I do have I would own a track saw.  


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