First Rust Hunt of 2023?
Got a little "Me Time" last weekend...Headed for 2 "Malls" down in Springfield, OH.    Spent just over $100!   For 4 items..

Last item was a Jordan Spiral screwdriver, for $4...
Apparently..German Engineering did not feel the need for a spring return? 

Next item?
$15....for three Starr Co. plough plane irons....
$3 for three Gimlets...2 handled, and the longer one that goes into a Brace Drill...

Finally ..
Green arrow points to a keeper.    There is a newer version elsewhere...for $125!   but..
For $80?  I think I can manage that...Stanley No. 4-1/2c...Type 11...
Has the 3 dates, has the low front knob..small wheel, frog adjust bolt...
A "groovy" sole...and..
The "triangle" logo....and STANLEY on the lateral lever......only defect I found?   Beside the iron having a "Reverse Camber"...was a small nick in the tote's horn.

I did take quite a few other pictures...if anyone wants to see them...overall, not too hateful of a day?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
That's a nice looking plane.  

You know we are always looking for more pics around here.  
Most came from Heart of Ohio Antique Harmony, OH...east of Springfield, OH on US40...
Cheap saws?  $50 and $80?
$100 to $125?
Already have TWO of those #45s....and I did NOT pay the $345 for either one
Rule #1: IF it is locked up in a glass display case...walk on by...
Anybody need one?
That plane in the red circle....main stock, sliding stock, 2 rods..for a Stanley No. 46....and nothing else....$45?

The next couple are from Springfield Antiques...on Titus Rd...
Got that same one, hanging up in my Tool Cabinet...didn't  need it's twin..
Too much work..for $35?
Hmmm, not all there?
Found the Jordan in this mess..
"Top Shelf"?

IF you go to these 2 prepared to walk..a LOT....and spend the entire day between the 2....have fun!
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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