Bowl Scrapers
(02-28-2023, 07:28 PM)imapseudonym Wrote: I usually use scrapers with that profile as sheer scrapers (handles dropped way down, corner of the tool on the tool rest so the sharpened edge presents about a 45* angle to the surface. Used that way, I don't normally but a negative rake grind on them.

If you do want it to be a negative rake to be used flat on the rest, the combined angles of the two bevels have to be less than 90* or it won't cut. An 80* main bevel with a 15* negative rake would be more than 90.  I think my negative rake scrapers have a combined angle somewhere between 70 and 80*, I haven't noticed much of a difference if it is the same angle on each bevel (say 40*) or if one is steeper than the other, except that if they are the same angle it is easier to flip the tool over to get the opposing profile.

Thanks!! I've been googling and youtubing and there seems to be many answers to this question.

I'm going to wait until I have this piece on the lathe, and then start experimenting.

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