rolling pin finish
I use Katherine Schwarz's (Chris's daughter) Soft Wax, available on Etsy (when not sold out).  Raw linseed oil, beeswax, and citrus solvent.  Apply generously, polish off the excess, and it's dry enough for use in a couple of hours.
Thanks to everyone for their input.  I went with Rubio Monocoat and won't look back.  FWIW, while I haven't done extensive research on this, I question the wisdom of no finish on a rolling pin and leaving it as raw wood.  If you look at a bag of baking flour, it cautions not to eat as is as it is a raw and uncooked material.  Similar comment about eggs and milk and other baking basics.  Getting these ground into a rolling pin over time gives me pause.  I am in the I will finish my rolling pins with something camp.  Thank you, again.

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