"Rising From The Ashes"
"Rising From The Ashes"

This piece is made from Ambrosia Maple that was first laid up from three pieces, consisting of three inch thick slabs 9" x 16" and then turned on the lathe. Once the form was achieved, it was turned to various thicknesses to accommodate the carving that was to be done. After sanding the form. my design was hand drawn with pencil and sealed with lacquer. The entire drawing design is my own original creation. Then the carving began using knives, gouges and a Dremel with bits and burs. The color was achieved from a product called Rub N Buff.  The piece's final dimension is 7 inches by 13 inches tall.

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Wow!  Awesome!

Thank you for sharing.
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That is a very nice piece.

It is art in the best sense of the word.
that's awesome!  

i think the colors look great on there too.  
Bruce, I'm sure my approval of your piece will heighten your satisfaction.  While I liked the title "Let there be Dragons", the new title adds a moment of mystery.  Good job fella.  As expected, the piece is astonishing!

Thank you for taking us along.
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It sure seems you did it fast.
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That is spectacular. You are a true artist. I must say that I am jealous that you get to sit in your living room and do your carving. The last project I was able to work on in my living room was before we were married and I still had my own house. It was a wedding gift for my brother. Walnut table with a glass top. The weather was too cold to do the finishing outside so I machined all the pieces then did glue up and finishing inside.

Wonderful bit of work!

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Thank you everyone this piece is Available to purchase.

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Fabulous work !!!

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