Jorgensen hand planes from Lowes
I ordered three planes from Lowes. I thought the little on was kind of cute. And for $15 I though I would take a chance. I liked the fit right off the bat. The way the lever cap is, it is easily lessened and tightened for blade movement. I got shavings right off the blade. Also I liked bedding on the body is machined A definite plus. I took it for a spin on my 300 diamond plate and the bottom is pretty much flat. But the bottom finish is a little course. It shouldn't take much to do the bottom. checked to see how much work it would take to get the blade flat and again it will not take real long.

I am out of shavings for building fires in the fire place. I have some lath and this plane makes shaving very easily. so it is delegated to that purpose. Since it is a nice little pocket plane I guess I will have to get another one. And it comes with an 01 blade. There is not much adjustment side to side so one will have to be carful to sharpen it straight. I highly recommend this

I can't really say much about the corner easing plane. It works as advertised. To keep from having to adjust it a lot I think I will use the cute one to knock off some of the corner first. Lowes offers a replacement blade for $19. With the replacement blade you also get a 1/8th, 3/16, and 1/4 radius cutting blades. The Lowes number is 1102074. there is on board storage for the radius cutters. I do not know how much use the radius cutters will be but there are time when they might be just the ticket. I like the plane but if $30 is a problem I would forgo this one, only because there are router bit that will cut and form the edges.

I like the low angle block. I loaned my low angle block to my son in law and I can't seem to get it back. The machined blade bedding is very very nice, better than my Stanley. It won't take much to flatten the 01 blade. I really like the way the lever cap adjusts to hold the blade. MY regular angle Stanley block the lever cap is always to tight or it comes loose and causing adjustment problems all by it self. The bottom is fairly flat. Not worth the work to take it farther.
I really like the plane and for $$35 I don't think you can go wrong with it if you don't have one, Faults are I had to file the sharp corners and it will take some work to really get the throat plate really in close for super fine shaving. For what I use a block plane for, it is not a deal killer. There is not much adjustment side to side so one will have to be carful to sharpen it straight. If you do not have a low angle block I highly recommend this one It is better than the others big box ones out there.



Tom,  thanks for the detailed review, seems like you got your money's worth.
(02-15-2023, 09:04 PM)barryvabeach Wrote: Tom,  thanks for the detailed review, seems like you got your money's worth.

The little one was a complete surprise. I really like it. It will fit in an apron pocket just fine. I prefer a hollow ground cutting edge so holding the blade may present a challenge. I may have to make a holder much like Veritas uses to sharpen their detachable router plane cutters. 

The low angle block has everything one needs. It is not the quality of a Lie Nielsen or Veritas but it was $35 and not $100 plus. With a little fine tuning and it will do anything I will ever ask of it. I don't heat my shop so working on it at home will give me a little something to do. Sometimes cost is offset by the amount of time needed , but in this case, time is not taxable, and I have the time. 

I am not sure I will use the 45 plane, the jury is still out. I am not sure where the money line is drawn at Lowes but I got free shipping. Shipping is usually in the $10 range for stuff like this. With free shipping and military (veteran) discount, which is 10%  I think it was worth a chance.

I hope I have helped someone, one way or the other.

thanks for the review
that just created an impulse buy for me  --  oh, and looks like they're outta the replacement blades for the corner one.  
Big Grin
I might buy the “pocket plane”, but first order of business will be getting rid of the black paint on the lever cap and then sharpening.
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I bought the little (102 size) plane and just spent a total of 20 minutes on it before making first shavings. The biggest issue was flattening the blade as the grind was rough in a spot and took extra effort to remove those marks. After flattening, no more than another 5 minutes was needed. The sole was flat, tested on my granite plate. The lanishing/grinding was a tad rough, but the important parts polished right up.

For $15.00 this is a real buy. As Tom said, I prefer a hollow grind on the blade, but freehand worked fine, except ole Arthur-Itus complained a bit! This is a perfect size for your apron, just the trick for a quick chamfer. I am curious about the other planes in this line!

I will probably clean the black paint off, maybe get a can of British Racing Green color spray paint and make this look like a mini Clifton! Might confuse some collector years from now when bought at the inevitable yard sale my family has to dispose of tools!
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