My newest set of chisels
I have the same chisels (and clamps) from many years ago, they only came up to 1" width. Next time I feel the need for a 1 1/2" chisel I may have to get the set. Mine have served well without problem, and there's less a sinking feeling in my gut if something happens to them.

Long time ago I could only order from HF by mail order, the hit and miss and quality concern and shipping cost were reasons to tread lightly. Now I live minutes away so easier for impulse purchases, looking in person, and easy returns if needed.

I like those clamps, use that style until they get bigger than 18-24 inches. I had one start slipping. I threw it away before learning they have a lifetime warranty and I could have just exchanged it.
Years ago, it was fairly easy to differentiate the origins of tools. Today, not so much. Many tools are made in same factories but labeled differently. A decade ago, I would not venture into a HF. Today, I do.

There are still many things I would not buy, but just as many that I would. For example, clamps, particularly the cheap one hand HF brands, for about $5.00 for a 12" clamp, beats the heck out of an Irwin that's three times (or more) the price. I haven't tried the chisels because I don't need any! Years ago, on a whim, I bought the HF #33 smoothing plane. Cost maybe $10 or so. From Woodnet (at that time), Jim Reed was selling home-made blades for that plane. I bought on, had one of my machinists true up the sole and sides of the plane. I cleaned up the blade bedding and I seem to remember making my own cap iron. All in all, I figured I now had about $75 or $80 in the plane. What did I accomplish? Well, a cheap smoother that could take sub 0.001" shavings all day. In the end, I gave that plane away to a guy starting out, along with some vintage chisels.
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Had this one for at least a year...
Then this happened in the middle of a glue up....

so, this afternoon, I stopped by Harbor Freight..handed the 18" clamp with the busted handle....cashier said "Fine, go back and get a new one"   all I had to do was sign the return charge..

I was using a few of those 18" clamps...
None "bowed" and none slipped...handle issue was resolved via a pair of Visegrips,,,

It's the one at the red c clamp, BTW...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I seem to remember buying these 2 almost 40 years ago..part of a 6 chisel set...
Not sure where the 5/8" and the 1/2" , and the 3/8"ones are, now....the 1/4" has been re-ground to a triangle help out doing dovetails...

These were stamped as Imperial sizes...these two are a 3/4" and a 1"......
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I have been using the infamous Aldi chisels, which I heard about on Woodnet, since 2015. And I unabashedly love them. Kept sharp, they do the job I need every time, and they are cheap enough that I don't invest a lot of thought or worry into using them as necessary to get a particular job done. I once got (good naturedly) teased on heret for some photos of me cleaning up a mortise with an Aldis chisel with two Ray Isles mortise chisels in the background. I didn't have the heart to say I have a set of pre-Woodpeckers Blue Spruce chisels that I never use because they look too pretty.

I am totally a tool snob and fan of Gucci gear. But there is a lot to be said for inexpensive tools that do their job well and without drama, and don't take up a lot of headspace over their care and use.
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Aldi, Narex, Harbor Freight, Marples / Irwin... all brands that have been labeled as cheap or inexpensive, but they can all do the job, as long as they are properly maintained. I've probably owned 8-10 different brands of chisels - from Aldi to Narex, Two Cherries, Marples, Lie-Nielsen, Veritas PM-V11, Blue Spruce, Ray Iles, Ashley Iles, vintage Stanley, Witherby, Nishiki, Iyoroi, and who knows what else. I can say that the premium chisels do hold their edge longer than the less expensive range. I am amazed at how long my Ashley Iles chisels hold an edge. Some are better suited for chopping dovetails and others for paring. One common thing about all of them is that you need to have sharpening skills to enjoy using them - no matter how long they may hold an edge.

And one plug for Timberwolf - power stropping! It'll save you time and keep the smile on your face.
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(02-21-2023, 09:42 AM)Tony Z Wrote: Years ago, it was fairly easy to differentiate the origins of tools.  Today, not so much.  Many tools are made in same factories but labeled

Fishing equipment is the same way. Most reals are made in 1 factory in China. Old brands are being re-born: Phlueger, Lews etc. Kinda like when Black and Decker bought the DeWalt name. The Bass Pro and Johnny Morris brands are made there. All good stuff but the guts of all of them are pretty much the same. Slight differences in aesthetics. Come up with a new brand name or buy an old brand name and you're in the reel business. Taiwan has a factory that makes the bulk of the rest. The real high end reels are still made here but way out of my price range.
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Chisels in use, today...
That one chisel that is pointing at you?   Bought about 40 years ago, as part of a set...1/4" wide, has had it handle re-done a bit, the end is now triangular in shape, to get into the tight corners as needed..
Mainly while doing the tails....this was done Pins first, BTW..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I have some cheap chisels for certain tasks, but for the fine furniture joinery work I prefer my set of vintage Stanley 750s and the corresponding set of new LNs.  
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