Dealing With a Leaky Toilet
I will have to replace some subfloor.  Here is what I am dealing with.  (I hope the picture shows up).


The question is can I get the subfloor out under the closet flange or do I need to remove it.  I have done it before, years ago but it's painful to do.  Also, you can see that the drain pipe goes horizontal pretty quickly (it runs between the bathroom floor and the downstairs ceiling) and I would have to cut that pipe back some I think to get a new one on.  So I'd rather not.

It turns out that it looked worse than it was. After getting the underlayment up I think the subfloor will be ok. It is not spongy and is solid enough that it is not worth trying to replace it. I did open the ceiling downstairs and am in the process of pulling the wet insulation out. it turns out the drywall was glued on, so the glue acted as a barrier of sorts for the water. The problem is getting insulation back in without cutting out all the drywall, so I may have to do that. Also the drywall being glued up I think kept the water in one joist bay. I did some exploratory cutting on the other side of the joists and it was dry there.

Do you know why the toilet leaked? Did it rock?
I had to reset four toilets in my house and three had leaked because the flange was set below the finished floor height.
That black mold won't go away unless the subfloor goes away.
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(02-20-2023, 07:58 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: That black mold won't go away unless the subfloor goes away.

Yeah.  I was thinking about that.  

I don't know why the toilet leaked.  It didn't rock.  Either it wasn't installed correctly or somebody got too happy with a plunger.


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